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The First Mixed Reality(MR) Resource Development
Mixed Reality technology, referred to as MR (Mixed Reality) technology, and VR virtual Reality, AR augmented Reality, and become extended Reality. Through the deeper integration of virtual information and the real world, physical and digital objects coexist, interact in real time, and achieve complete fusion of virtual and real. Also known as artificial environment, it uses intelligent computing equipment to simulate a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with simulated feelings of vision, hearing, touch and other senses. The XR industry covers hardware, systems, platforms, development tools, applications, and consumer content. At the present stage, China's mixed reality industrial ecology has taken initial shape, and the industrial chain mainly involves subdivision fields such as content application, terminal devices, network communication/platform and content production system. Mixed reality, which integrates emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things, is driving a new round of timely industrial transformation. Item according to the school education teaching characteristic, the brics skills development and technology innovation contest system, take the market demand as the guidance, through to compete with the exchanges and cooperation among member states, promote the education teaching ability and the teachers and students mixed reality (MR) resource development technology application skills, promote education industry upgrading of teaching resources, teaching mode, teaching idea, To provide excellent talents with comprehensive skills for the society, accelerate the popularization and application of mixed reality (MR) resource development technology, so as to realize the guidance of mixed reality (MR) resource development technology talent training direction, and promote the international cooperation of industry, university, research and use!

Stage 1: Environment preparation and hardware connection
Stage 2: Innovative design of MR scene
Stage 3:: 3D modeling and model rendering
Stage 4: MR Interactive innovation design
Stage 5: defense presentation

October-November 2022

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