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2023 BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition

Competition List:

1.The Sixth VR Products Design and Development
2.Digital Twin Five Axis CNC Machining
3.The Second Cross Border E-commerce Skills and Data Analysis
4.The Fifth 3D Printing and Modeling Competition
5.The First VR Product Development and Innovation
6.The Third Stamping Die Mould Digital Design and Manufacturing
7.Overhaul and Maintenance of Rail Track Line
8.The Second New Energy Vehicle Innovation and Production
9.Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance
10.3D Digital Game Art
11.Blockchain Application Development and Operations
12.Enterprise Information System Security
13.Artificial Intelligence Generated Content
14.Civil Aviation Maintenance & Repair
15.Application of Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision in Smart City
16.Application of Cyber Security in Enterprise Information Management
17.Network Integrated Cabling
18.Drone Operating & Delivering
19.Internet of Things Technology and its Application in Smart City
20.Cloud Computing Application in Data Platform
21.The 2nd Urban Rail Transit Platform Door Control and Debugging Technology Competition
22.BigData Cluster Operation and Maintenance Management Competition
23.Digital Human Creative Design Comprehensive Technology Application Competition
24.Financial management & Big data application skills
25.Developing applications for the Cloud
26.Basic skills of finance and taxation
27.The Fourth Adjustment and Maintenance Technology of Industrial Robots
28.Advanced Semiconductor (GaN,SiC) Technologies and Applications
29.The First Skill for Infants and Pre-school Children Care
30.The First Horticultural Construction Virtual Simulation
31.Mobile Robot Competition
32.Digital Human Resource Management Skills
33.Cobot Technology and Applications
34.New Carbon Neutral Energy Management and Control Technology and Application
35.Communication Networking Operation and Maintenance
36.Intelligent Hardware Design and Development
37.Integrated Circuit Design and Application
38.Business Finance and Tax Integration of Big Data Application(Intelligence Finance and Taxation Skills)
39.Digital Finance Application Competition
40.E-Commerce Operations Data Analysis
41.Operation and Maintenance of Railway Locomotives
42.Interpretation of UAV application technology (tour and survey integration)
43.Traditional Medical Skills (Appropriate Techniques for Traditional Chinese Medicine)
44.Heart Rehabilitation Skills of the Second Session
45.Designing and Modeling Competition of Roads, Bridges and Tunnels
46.Big Data Financial Application and Management Accounting Decision
47.International Accounting Culture and Skills
48.Business data analysis(Business data analysis and application direction)
49.Laboratory Safety
50.Elevator Engineering Technology
51.Web Applications Software Testing
52.Media Convergence Content Planning and Operation
53.The Second Digital Twin Of Industrial Products(Virtual Assembly & Debugging)
54.The First AIoT Engineering Eechnology
55.The First Intellegent Measurement of Industrial Parts
56.The Second Artificial Intelligence Engineering Technology(Edge Computing)
57.The Third UAV Flight Application Technology
58.The Second Design and Production of Virtual Reality Resources for Metaverse Education
59.Zero Code Mathematical Intelligence Application Construction
60.Application of Road and Bridge Engineering Construction Technology
61.Application of Machine Vision System
62.National Financial Literacy
63.Railway Traffic Operation and Management Skill Competition
64.2nd Emergency and Rescue Skill Competition
65.Data Awareness and Skill for Liberal Arts Students
66.Rail Transit Signal Control Technology
67.Application of XC Big Data Technology
68.Application of Industrial Internet Technology
69.Machine Vision Algorithm Optimization In Industry



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