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IT Network Systems Administration

Description of the Skill Competition

IT network system management competition is to train the network system management skills as a starting point, focus on the development direction of IT network, connect with the new concept of skill competition, support the new business form of tertiary industry and the new mode of digital enabled modern service industry under the background of digital economy and sharing economy, and lead the innovation and development of network system application technology through "promoting learning, training, construction and reform through competition". Based on the typical tasks of four stages, including network cabling and equipment configuration, operating system network service configuration, cloud network construction and operation and maintenance, and network security management, the competition investigates the contestants' skills in overall network design and implementation, network equipment configuration, cloud technology construction and application, security protection and so on.
Competition module

● Network cabling and equipment configuration
● Cloud network construction and operation and maintenance
● Operating system network service configuration
● Network security management

QQ Communication Group No. for IT Network Systems Administration:711909748

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