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Cyber Security (Including Enterprise Information Systems Security)
Description of the Skill Competition

Cyber Security of BRICS Skills Competition is through the competition for competitors familiar with the international competition cyber security project professional standards, test, test security operations, security audit, cyber security emergency response, digital forensic investigation, application security and cyber penetration, test team plan organization and team cooperation and other comprehensive professional quality, emphasize students 'innovation ability and practice ability training, improve students' professional ability and employment quality.
This event is held in the form of team competition, with 3 competitors from each team (1 captain). 

Competition module

● Stage Ⅰ: Professional quality and theoretical skills
● Stage Ⅱ: Safe operation
● Stage III: Emergency response 
●Stage IV: CTF takes the flag

QQ Communication Group No. for Cyber Security:816174108

Download the documentation
TD for Cyber Security (Offline).pdf
TD for Cyber Security (Offline).pdf (310.07 KB)

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