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Industrial Design Technology
Description of the Skill Competition

The organization of the offline competition of Industrial Design Technical of 2022 BRICS Skills Competition is based on the task content of industrial design. The offline competition of is an individual skill.
Industrial design technology as an activity includes elements of art, marketing, design and technology.The goal of industrial design technology is to create easy-to-use products with a modern look. Industrial design is a type of artistic design that is oriented towards the mass production of products.Because industrial design is inseparable from the network, especially the future network of BRICS countries.

Competition module

● Module A: Data acquisition, data processing
● Module B: Reverse 3D modeling
● Module C: Forward modeling and Innovative design
● Module D: 3D Printing and Post-processing
● Module E: Numerical control programming and Product processing
● Module F: Assembly verification
● Module G: Product verification and source tracing

QQ Communication Group No. for Industrial Design Technology:646941050

Download the documentation
TD for Industrial Design Technology (Offline).pdf
TD for Industrial Design Technology (Offline).pdf (392.33 KB)

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