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Technical Description (TD) for 2022 BRICS Skills Competition (Final Stage)
No. Skill Name QQ Communication Group No. Technical Description
BRICS-FS-03 Rail Vehicle Technology 675639621  
BRICS-FS-04 Additive Manufacturing 738446172
TD for Additive Manufacturing (Offline).pdf (478.36 KB)
BRICS-FS-05 Industrial Design Technology 646941050
TD for Industrial Design Technology (Offline).pdf (392.33 KB)
BRICS-FS-06 Building Information Modeling(BIM) 473027280 TD for Building Information Modeling(Offline)EN.pdf (501.79 KB)
BRICS-FS-07 Blockchain-based Solutions 778760999
TD for Blockchain-based Solutions (Offline).pdf (330.90 KB)
BRICS-FS-08 System Integration and Application for Robots with Artificial Intelligence 263421770 TD for System Integration and Application for Robots with Artificial Intelligence (Offline).pdf (551.72 KB)
BRICS-FS-09 Mobile Applications Development 202566690 TD for Mobile Applications Development.pdf (436.01 KB)
BRICS-FS-10 Renewable Energy 280035493
TD for Renewable Energy (Offline).pdf (766.45 KB)
BRICS-FS-11 Cloud Computing 594727697 TD for Cloud Computing (Offline).pdf (522.12 KB)
BRICS-FS-12 Industrial Internet 742145406 TD for Industrial Internet (Offline).pdf (504.82 KB)
BRICS-FS-13 Internet Marketing 206076798(已满)
TD for Internet Marketing (Offline) (464.63 KB)
BRICS-FS-14 Drone Operating 736773923 TD for Drone Operating (Offline).pdf (565.22 KB)
BRICS-FS-15 Industry 4.0 784486618
TD for Industry 4.0(Offline).pdf (763.22 KB)
BRICS-FS-16 Internet of Things 760251293
TD for Internet of Things (Offline).pdf (362.98 KB)
BRICS-FS-17 Mobile Robotics 787016013 TD for Mobile Robotics(Offline).pdf (769.65 KB)
BRICS-FS-18 Intelligent Service Robotics 749970035 TD for Intelligent Service Robotics (Offline).pdf (409.22 KB)
BRICS-FS-19 Augmented and Virtual Reality 740336827 TD for Augmented and Virtual Reality (Offline).pdf (355.38 KB)
BRICS-FS-20 5G Network Construction and Operation & Maintenance 826942795 TD for 5G Network Construction and Operation & Maintenance (Offline).pdf (507.78 KB)
BRICS-FS-21 Aircraft Maintenance 675639621 TD for Aircraft Maintenance (Offline)_EN V1.0 .pdf (422.62 KB)
BRICS-FS-22 Digital Capabilities for Business 739879417 TD for Digital Capabilities for Business (Offline).pdf (434.69 KB)
BRICS-FS-23 Industrial Digital Twin (Digital Factory) 856831288
TD for Industrial Digital Twin (Offline).pdf (628.82 KB)
BRICS-FS-24 Maintenance of Railway Signal Equipment 295574948 TD For Maintenance of Railway Signal Equipment (Offline).pdf (665.06 KB)
BRICS-FS-25 Cooperative Robot Technology and Application 685342508 TD for Cooperative Robot Technology and Application (Offline).pdf (531.65 KB)
BRICS-FS-26 Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Application 686932104 Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Application.pdf (771.17 KB)
BRICS-FS-27 IT Network Systems Administration 711909748(已满)
TD for IT Network Systems Administration (Offline).pdf (460.89 KB)
BRICS-FS-28 Cyber Security (Including Enterprise Information Systems Security) 816174108
TD for Cyber Security (Offline).pdf (310.07 KB)


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