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Industrial Digital Twin (Digital Factory)
Description of the Skill Competition

The industrial digital twin project of the BRICS Skills Competition is based on the planning, implementation and optimization of digital factories. The main assessment contestants use simulation technology tools and digital twin platforms to build, operate and maintain digital twins. Complete tasks such as plant layout design, production line debugging, digital control and performance optimization of digital factories. At the same time, the 3D twin model is driven by the real-time data of the device running, so that the 3D twin model and the real device are kept in sync. In this way, the actual production state is highly simulated, and the specific production situation in the real environment is displayed in real time. 
Industrial digital twin technology is a team skills competition with two competitors per team.

Competition module

● Module A: Digital Factory Design
● Module B: Line Assembly, Programming and Commissioning
● Module C: Customized Production
● Module D: virtual and real joint debugging of digital factory
● Module E: Digital Factory Optimization

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Download the documentation
TD for Industrial Digital Twin (Offline).pdf
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